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Thursday Oct 26 - Session H
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3:15 pm – 4:15 pm


Canyon A
Beyond WIOA: Building Regional Partnerships
TRACK: Strategic Workforce Stakeholders and Partnerships

Collaborating for funding is insufficient to build true partnerships. Using the case study of a Career Opportunities in Retail Grant, Workforce Snohomish, Everett Community College, and Industry will share how stakeholders collaborate to address a shortage of supervisors and managers in retail and hospitality sectors. The foundations of the partnership were created during the WIA to WIOA transition. Best practices include the use of Town Hall style meetings, strategic board membership selections, and local economic planning to build vibrant partnerships.

Presenters: Ryan Davis, Dean of Business and Applied Technology, Everett Community College and Erin Monroe, CEO, Workforce Snohomish, WA


Alpine East
Industry in the Education Driver's Seat
TRACK: Strategic Workforce Stakeholders and Partnerships

The more industry is involved in the education process, the more relevant and skilled the workforce becomes. Learn how a small technical college engaged a rapidly growing tech sector to collaborate and build curriculum for a program that met the needs of business and industry and boasts 100% placement in a high wage, high demand occupation.

Presenter: Lisa Birch, Director Technology and Service Programs, Mountainland Technical College, UT


Alpine West
Rebuilding Our Connection in Healthcare
TRACK: Strategic Workforce Stakeholders and Partnerships

After years of being a one-stop contractor and having a challenging relationship with our local one-stop, hear how we turned it around and strategically worked together to build healthcare partnerships to move Grand Rapids forward ― city that had an unemployment rate of more than 12% in 2008 to one that has less than 4% today. See and hear the results from our healthcare employers who were crucial in building a strategy that is being recognized nationally. See how we built on the strengths and what has been possible and how our employers and community benefited.

Presenters: Linda Witte, Program Manager Health Program and Director Medical Assistant Program, Grand Rapids Community College; Doug Himmelein, Vice President Human Resources, Holland Home; Julie MacFarland, Interim Manager of Talent Acquisition, Mercy Health; and Amy Lebednick, Business Solutions Manager, West Michigan Works, MI


Canyon B
Partnerships and Planning in Education Today
TRACK: The Shifting Landscape of Workforce Education

Partnerships are the cornerstone of Southern State Community College's mindset. To enhance our regional assets, this rural college looks at opportunities to partner with other higher education institutions, secondary schools, industries, and career technical centers to address regional challenges. Opportunities to better the region with partnerships are all around, the question is how will you find them and what will you do?

Presenters: Amy McClellan, Coordinator of Academic Partnerships; Jeff Montgomery, Dean of Technical Studies; and John Joy, Dean of Workforce Training, Southern State Community College; and Shawn Tomlin, Aviation Instructor, Laurel Oaks Career Technical Center, OH


Salon 1
The Expectations of Millennials (and How to Deal with Them)
TRACK: The Shifting Landscape of Workforce Education

With a generation as large as the Boomers is flooding into the workplace, organizations are finding harder to integrate Millennials into their business model, regardless of past success. Going far beyond a “Generations in the Workplace” program, this presentation offers pointed insight based from interviews of over 100 Millennials, as well as regional business leaders and their efforts to harness their energies, talents and interests; and the two biggest concerns no one is talking about.

Presenter: Rod Bourn, Coordinator of Professional Development, Harford Community College, MD


Salon 2
Building a Success Network
TRACK: Equity and Diversity in Workforce Development

The flexibility of online learning brings challenges for many students. Learn how we have built a Success Network to connect students to the resources needed to help them thrive in the online environment and beyond. Success Coaches, whose innovative approaches help guide students towards completion, play a key role along with other individuals, departments, and external organizations. Attendees will gain insight into how they might create or expand a Success Network for their own participants.

Presenter: Rebecca Thorpe, Consortium Project Director, Hazard Community and Technical College, KY

Salon 3
I Need a Career NOW!
TRACK: The Shifting Landscape of Workforce Education

Today’s students aren’t buying into the “you need a four-year degree or you’ll fail at life” mentality. Polk State College has designed and implemented boot camp style courses for CNC machining where    students graduate in less than a quarter of the time and 98% have a job within one month of graduation. Learn how Polk has integrated NIMS credentials, articulated credits, and soft skills to decrease the time a student takes to be a proficient machinist.

Presenter: Jamie Rowan, Program Manager, Polk State College, FL


Seminar Theater
Elevator Speech to Success with Elected Officials
TRACK: Strategic Workforce Stakeholders and Partnerships

Students, faculty and staff are the best messengers to bring college information to elected officials. But what do you say when you run into someone around town or at your legislature? We will share ideas and issues related to how students, faculty and staff can carry your college’s message. Each participant will start an “elevator” speech about a program area and practice giving a speech to a “legislator.”

Presenters: J. Kyle Dalpe, Interim Dean of Technical Sciences, Truckee Meadows Community College, NV; Tameiko A. Grant, Academic Director Professional Studies and Public Safety, Florida State College at Jacksonville, FL; and Amy C. Hatfield, Dean for Workforce Development and Basic Studies, Olympic College, WA


Canyon C
We Utilized TAA Dollars to Create a New Way To Do Business
TRACK: The Impact of Federal Grants on Community Colleges

Learn how through the Minnesota Advance Manufacturing Partnership(MnAMP), 12 community colleges created system change by building stronger relationships between themselves, industry partners and other community stakeholder such as WFB, One-Stops and Non-Profits.  Discover how we came together to achieve one goal – effective strategies to address the skills gap in manufacturing.  Presenters will demonstrate the restructured academic framework which includes a core curriculum, seamless pathways, apprenticeship models, strategic advising and a new statewide customized training model call +Connect.

Presenters: Anne Willaert, TAA Grant Director and Emma Baumann, MnAMP Associate, South Central College; and Frank Braswell, Dean, Saint Paul College MN


Model Partnerships to Meet Industry Needs
TRACK: Strategic Workforce Stakeholders and Partnerships

Through the State of California Workforce Development Board’s SlingShot Initiative, community colleges in the Central Valley are working together to address the disconnect between academic programs and skills desired by employers by offering training opportunities that will prepare graduates for high-quality, family supporting jobs in the manufacturing sector. Presenters will highlight the strategies taken to provide accessibility to education, strengthen private and public partnerships, advance knowledge and improve skills, and work collaboratively to create solutions.

Presenters: Timothy J. Woods, Dean Workforce Development and Career Technology Center, Fresno City College and Blake Konczal, Executive Director, Workforce Connection, CA

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